Hi, I'm Oakley! I am a 1 year old Australian shepherd and if you had told my four week old self (pictured left) that I would have my own brand someday I wouldn’t have believed it! This is the first photo my mom ever saw of me and when she did, she knew I was the pup for her. I am so happy she picked me.

We live in Pensacola FL and I am loving being a beach pup. Pictured to the right is my first ever photoshoot and another one of my pawrents favorite photos of me. I am a model for several other small businesses because we believe in shop small! We are so thankful for people like you who support small businesses as well!

Being an active breed can be hard sometimes in the Florida heat. I love to be outside and do things like Disc Golf, play tag and lay in the shade with my friends. My newest experience is I learned about paddle boarding the other day and it was so much fun. I’m still learning how to balance on the board, but jumping off into the water is fun too! Mom got me this life jacket to keep me safe, I love the shark fin! 

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn about me and happy shopping!